Thank you for your interest in volunteering!  Volunteers are an integral part of our team and are essential to providing an enjoyable experience for our event participants. The role of our in-home volunteers is to greet tour participants, facilitate traffic flow and keep an eye on the home to ensure no theft or damage occurs.  Volunteers receive one complimentary Day Tour Ticket. Please note that we cannot guarantee group volunteer placement. We understand you may want to volunteer with a friend, however in some cases we may not be able to accommodate this.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Friday, November 1st: 5pm to 9pm. Volunteers are needed both at the Winery and at in-home locations.

Saturday, November 2nd: Two shifts are available: 9:30 to 1 pm or 1pm to 4pm. Volunteers are needed at the Winery, Latcham Hall and at in-home locations.

Volunteer Here!

Expectations & Responsibilities:

Please arrive promptly for your shift and report to the home host.

• Please park away from the home, allowing easily accessible parking for the tour participants.

• Dress code: please dress in all black (no denim please).

• Indoor shoes only (black preferable). Please no high-heels.

• Greet our tour participants as they walk through the home. Please be friendly and remember to smile!  We want our volunteers to be remembered as warm, hospitable and respectful hosts.

• If the house you are stationed in is the tour-participants’ first stop, please make sure they receive a shoe bag.

• Assist with traffic flow inside the home and ensure that visitors only go to the parts of the house where the homeowners have granted access.

• We do ask that unless there is good reason, please turn off your cell phone.

• Snacks will not be provided for our volunteers, but water bottles are available. Please make sure to bring a snack or eat something before your shift (peanut free please). If you must have a snack during your shift, be mindful to not leave a mess behind you. • No coffee (or similar beverages) are allowed. Please limit yourself to water only.